In Which Round Miller Could Possibly Dethrone the Champion?

Jarrell “Big Baby” has buzzed the social media lately because he could predict the round when he will dethrone the champion, Anthony Joshua. Miller has shared his plans with the press on how he will take on Joshua and win the fight by the TKO. The fighter also reveals how he changed his diet and what he thinks about his upcoming opponent.

Joshua vs Miller

Miller has visualized on the plans to knock Joshua out and even shared the details of the strategy he will be using. The fans have been glad about the features of the punch that he might do to procure the damage.

Miller will take on Joshua at New York City’s Madison Square Garden on June 1. the upcoming fight will be the world heavyweight championship bout which will put the title on the line. Now we can see that both fighters have conducted the preparations for the upcoming fight.

When asked by the media about how Miller was going to win, the fighter said that there were so many ways. He does not like to make blind predictions. But one thing for sure, he promised that he is going to knock Joshua out in the seventh round.

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Rather than exaggerating, we could conclude that his statement is sensible enough. That means he does not underestimate his opponent, but he is optimistic that he can bring such great result in the fight. Back then in the New York Press Conference, both fighters had started the match. “Big Baby” Miller shoved Joshua back then.

Speaking about the strategy, Miller would focus on the combination. But he still yet to figure out the kind of punch he will conduct to hit Joshua. He thought about the overhand right, left a hook to the body. But we know for sure, that is part of the strategy. Miller seems to be pretty optimistic with his plan.

The upcoming fight will indeed change both fighters career. The winner will get to the next level. The loser, if he can deal with it, could be taking revenge on the rematch. Miller said that AJ was not thinking about the future. AJ saw Miller disrespecting him back then in the New York’s Press Conference. The disputes at the press conference build up to their fight. Although it is still three months away, we have been feeling the tenses here.

Both fighters didn’t want to look past anything. Miller wanted to focus on the date and concentrated their attention to AJ. It is at least that we can see from Miller’s seriousness.